West Palm Beach Eats

You guys, West Palm Beach was freaking amazing. How the heck have I never been there slash why hasn’t anyone ever told me about it? Honestly, most places in Florida I have been are pretty lame and I expected nothing more from WPB. I didn’t have time plan out restaurants I wanted to eat at, but I expected the gluten-free/paleo options would be very limited. I was VERY wrong. There are so many awesome options! I want to live there… Sunshine, picture perfect beaches, laid back, friendly people AND awesome food… yep, sign me up.

Ocean 3800

This was the restaurant in the swanky Marriott Resort we stayed at. We got upgraded to a 2-br condo with a wrap around balcony. I talked about how I was going to do all these awesome workouts on the balcony, but I slept until 10am every morning… life has been stressful, no judging.

The restaurant at the hotel was amazing! We got the Ceviche and it came with plantain chips (pictured below). I was probably a little too excited about this. We also got the salmon for dinner, well worth the money. No picture because it was dark.

Avocado Grill

Alright you guys, this is probably one of the best gluten-free places I’ve ever been. They had so.many.options! I feel like people on Yelp need to be more excited about this place in their reviews because the reviews were ok, but this place is crazy good! It was also packed. We ate there Friday night and ordered a few things, but their guac was so big we got full super fast. I was bummed I didn’t get to try more of the menu so we went back the next night (sans quac). We tried almost every gluten free option on the menu and they were all really great! You really can’t go wrong here. I would highly recommend the shrimp ceviche (it has strawberries in it)!

The guac was good, but it was a lot of 2 people so I probably wouldn’t get it again unless I was in a larger group. Other favorites were the curry cauliflower and the Caribbean seafood paella.

 Last but certainly not least, I had the best cocktail of my life here. It’s called the coco-nutso and it’s made with coconut milk. Omgosh, it’s so good. I’m not sure any cocktail will ever hold up to that one…. so I’ll just have to move there I guess.

A picture of the greatness. Yes, that is toasted coconut.


This place was a little out of the way for us, but totally worth it!  It was like a Chipotle, but with way better food. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Chipotle, but this was another level. I loaded up and got the ahi tuna (there is an extra charge for this, is that ok? YES. IT’S OK. Let’s just stop asking this question, please). I took pictures, but they suck so just use your imagination.

They also sell fresh juice, which is wonderful. I would definitely make the 20 min trip again. They have them all over Florida so check them out!

We also found this super cute coffee shop called Subculture and hung out at a super chill bar called The Alchemist. Highly recommend both of these places in downtown WPB if you’re looking for places to hang out!

 Alright friends, I’m off to Charleston. Talk soon.


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