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Since I have lots of new followers that didn’t follow my last blog, just wanted to give a little bit of info behind the “Travel” section of my blog. This section focuses on eating healthy while traveling. Why? Because who likes going on vacation and feeling like crap the whole time? Not me. Some people can splurge and feel fine, I’m not one of them. I will be tired, moody and feel nauseous the entire time. I know… I was SO fun to travel with before I found what was making me sick (mostly gluten +dairy), luckily my friends are amazing and stuck with me through it haha!

So with that,  I have to be conscious of what I eat when I travel. I am THAT person that asks all the questions about the food (think episode 1 of Portlandia, I mean, I’m happy to hear about where the chicken I am eating came from… take me to the farm)!

I usually take time to do some research on where I can eat before leaving for a trip, but the success of that has been hit or miss. I created my last blog to write about restaurants around the world with a Paleo-based or gluten-free approach to eating, (like Hu in NYC + Picnik in Austin) as well as places that make it easy for Paleo/GF/healthier folks to modify and still have a delicious meal. I mean, who wants to eat a plain burger and a side salad with no dressing at a restaurant… amirite?!

Eventually I’ll move the map over that has all the restaurants I’ve been to as well as the blog posts that went with them. Hopefully some of you guys find this helpful, if not, at the very least I have fun finding healthy restaurants and writing about them ;).

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