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Alright, guys, as promised a blog post not about Whole30… although I am SO pumped about being a Whole30 coach and want to talk about it all the time. 🙂

So a couple of weeks ago I went to Austin and it was by far my best trip I’ve taken there. I went to visit my friend who loves everything I do… so that makes every trip better, right? Our schedule went something like this: Coffee, eat Paleo-ish, work out, hike, peruse bookstores for hours, then fall fast asleep before midnight. I know, I am pretty lame, but I had so much fun. The only thing we missed was paddle boarding, which you should totally do if you’re there.

I can’t decide if Austin or NYC are better for the Paleo food lover, but they are both pretty freaking amazing and make me sad D.C. doesn’t have better options. I know, it could always be worse… I could still be in Alabama, blah.

Here are some of my favorite places from my weekend in Austin!

Picnik Trailer (obvi)


Everyone knows how in love with Picnik I am by now, so I was really excited that they were opening a new trailer on St. Elmo while I was there! Free coffee opening day? Yes please! You cannot go wrong with any of their coffee so I’m not even going to recommend one.

I also went to the old trailer with my dad before our hiking adventures. Let me tell you guys, my dad is not into healthy eating but he actually liked the breakfast burritos at Picnik! A testament to how awesome the food is.


Let’s talk about their Blondie. I’m so in love with the blondie that not only did I have one when I was there, but I bought a little lunch box at Whole Foods so I could keep it cold on the flight home. If you’re thinking that’s a little overboard… well, then you obviously haven’t had a Picnik blondie.

Picnik Restaurant


After getting coffee at the new trailer, we headed to the Picnik restaurant. I had never been, and it was so cute. First book I saw on their bookshelf? “It Starts With Food”, just when I thought I couldn’t love Picnik any more than I already did.

I got one of the breakfast hashes,  it was delicious AND Whole30 compliant. They have a special diet menu so it’s super easy to eat there with allergies or if you’re doing Whole30. Just go try it. You will thank me later.

Thai Fresh


This place had a ton of gluten-free options. I got the thai wings and they were really good, but the ice cream was even better. I’m not a huge sweets person, but when I can get ice cream made with coconut milk that tastes amazing, count me in. It was the best non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever had. Having to avoid dairy means I rarely eat ice cream, so I enjoyed every bite… of both scoops. 🙂

My favorite was the golden milk ice cream paired with the sticky rice. SO good. Will definitely be heading back to this place next time I’m in town.

24 Diner


24 diner! This is a must for breakfast when you’re in Austin. No excuse that you couldn’t make time, it’s open 24 hours! 24 Diner has super fresh, local food that’s crazy tasty and a ton of gluten-free/paleo options that you could make Whole30 as well. I got one of the hashes, subbed bacon in place of sausage and I think this originally came with white potatoes and I made it sweet potatoes and added avocado… or maybe it was sweet potatoes to begin with, either way, it was damn good. As you can see, I have a thing for breakfast hashes.

Flower Child


After eating brownies and ice cream, my body was craving greens the next day BAD. I love that my body does this now instead of craving more sugar (thank you Whole30!)

Flower Child had a great menu, full of local food and Paleo options that you could also make Whole30. We each got a salad, and then we got sides of the curry cauliflower and watermelon/tomato balsamic. The sides were my favorite part. It wasn’t life changing, but it was a great place to eat in the Domain. The Domain is one of my favorite places to shop in Austin because there is a Lulu and Whole Foods… what else do you need?

Speaking of Whole Foods, the Whole Foods on North Lamar is the best Whole Foods ever. It makes my Whole Foods in D.C. look like a Wal-Mart. Seriously, they have EVERYTHING. Coconut aminos packets to take on the go? They have them. Pecan Maple Malk, they got it. Everything that was Paleo was labeled Paleo AND they had stuff labeled Whole30… I was so sad shopping in my Whole Foods upon returning. D.C., step up your game.

Places that didn’t live up to their hype…

Hopdoddy: Ok, so I am all about burgers (without the bun), but I was not impressed with the burgers at this place at all. The burger might be good if you keep the bread and load it with sauce to cover up some of the taste of the burger, but the meat itself was not impressive and my friend agreed. I say don’t waste your time and if you do, get the truffle fries because they will make it half worth your time. 🙂

The Salty Sow: I know some bloggers love this place, but honestly, I didn’t see the big deal. We ordered a few things, including the fries with the eggs, liver pate (which was actually really good, but their only gluten free option instead of bread was apples… odd), and a salad to share. I just wasn’t overly impressed. It was good, but not great. I wouldn’t go back.

& Finally…

Yes, I did more than just eat. I spent so much time outside! The weather was absolutely perfect and there were so many trails to explore. This wasn’t really a hike, but had a really pretty view (Mount Bonnell).


I’m definitely not ready for summer to be over, time to start planning a trip to somewhere warmer for snow season (and my dirty 30!) Recommendations?

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