Preparing for your Whole30

Hi, friends!

I have gotten a ton of interest in the January Whole30 and am SO excited that people are ready to change their lives with Whole30!

BUT… it’s the beginning of November and the only thing you might be thinking about is stuffing your face with ALL the sugar and goodies between now and the beginning of the year. No judgment here. I’ve been there. Like, there, eating all the donuts and milkshakes before going on a diet. Whole30 isn’t a diet though, it’s a 30-day program designed to help you change your relationship with food!

So let’s try to approach it a little differently. Let’s start taking baby steps now so when January 1st   arrives we’re already prepared! Below are 5 tips to help you start preparing for your Whole30.

Tip 1: Read It Starts With Food

Before my first Whole30 I didn’t read It Starts With Food and missed out on some of the benefits of Whole30. I ate a lot of fruit, I didn’t get enough protein and I had some (ok, maybe a lot) of SWYPO snacks. Was it a complete failure? Not at all, but my Whole30 after reading the book and fully understanding what I was doing was a complete game changer. Don’t panic if you’re about to start your Whole30 and haven’t read it. Reading it during your Whole30 will be helpful as well!

Tip 2: Start using up your non-Whole30 food

The number 1 excuse for people not starting their Whole30 is that they have all this non-compliant food in their kitchen that they don’t want to go to waste.  You have some time… so donate it, throw it away or do whatever you choose to do with it. Obviously this is only for those who don’t have anyone in their household eating the non-compliant food while they are on Whole30. If you’re not in that group, find a way to separate your food from theirs. Maybe have a designated drawer that only has their food in it. Have your own side of the fridge/freezer. Ultimately, the more you have the non-compliant food out of sight, the easier it is to resist (especially at the beginning of your Whole30)!

Tip 3: Replace non-compliant products w/ compliant products

Finally finished off that Hidden Valley ranch in the fridge? Awesome, now is the perfect time to replace it with some Whole30 compliant ranch like Primal Kitchen or Tessemes Dressing. Also, you can make easy switches like using ghee instead of butter or finding spices without added sugar (Primal Palate has some pretty amazing spices!) Also, start checking your labels, you’ll be surprised what’s in some of the things you eat!

Tip 4: Begin incorporating Whole30 meals into your diet

If you have a month or so before your Whole30 starts, set a goal to have a set amount of meals that are Whole30 compliant per week. For example, for one of my clients (officially starting Whole30 in 2 months), I have him incorporating at least 3 meals per week that are Whole30. Not 3 days, just 3 meals. Since he’s never done a Whole30 or eaten Paleo before, this has been the perfect way for him to begin learning about different Whole30 approved foods and products. Additionally, a lot of his Whole30 questions are being answered now so he will be more informed when beginning his Whole30 in January.

If the thought of cooking 3 Whole30 meals is overwhelming to you, you can order some meals from Territory Foods (if you’re in their area). This makes it easy to start the change, begin educating yourself on what kind of food you can eat, and realize how delicious Whole30 meals can be. Bonus: You get $25 off using this link! 

Tip 5: Start making food!

Start making food for something that’s a month/2 months away? Wut? Yes! There are so many meals you can make and throw in the freezer! That means for days when you’re not prepared (because sometimes life happens!) you can pull food out of the freezer and be done with it instead of being tempted to order pizza and eat a pint of ice cream, not that I’ve done that before ;).

You can also start looking for frozen compliant foods that might be on sale. Your meat consumption will probably go up (depending on how you’re currently eating), so if you see that organic chicken on sale, grab it and throw it in the freezer!

Feel free to comment or email me with any questions!


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