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This is kind of a weird topic today, but it’s something that a few people have brought up to me lately that I wanted to 1) write about (duh) and 2) wanted to see others opinions on the topic.

FREE: Everyone wants something free. Whether it’s free advice, free services, free products, etc. Free is nice. Free is fun. When companies give me free things, I love it! But let’s be real, very few things in life are free. Everyone has to make a living somehow, right? I mean companies give free products, but they would like you to give them good reviews, share your experience, etc. which is 100% fair.

Since getting into Whole30 and nutrition coaching, I have had everyone and their mom asking me for meal plans, nutrition advice for their specific problem, etc. Since I am extremely passionate about nutrition and I want to help people, I did it for free for people that I knew. Guess what? NOT A SINGLE PERSON followed what I gave them. NONE. I spent a lot of my time on these things and I was invested, but they didn’t put their time or money into it, so they had no real reason to commit.

Fast forward a few months and I stopped doing anything for free. One, because I have paying clients that I need to focus on and do not have time to do things for free, but also because I realized it was bad for both parties. I was wasting my time putting together plans and they weren’t getting any further in their health journey.

With that, I made my dad pay me to coach him through Whole30. Sounds cruel… your own dad? Yep. Because I know that if he invests in something financially that he will be a lot more committed. And it has worked! This is the first nutritional endeavor he’s paid for and he’s following through for once. In addition to that, I do not put off his coaching for a paying client because he IS a paying client.

I am currently having a friend build my website. When I tell people that, the first thing they say is, “Man, I wish I had a friend to build my website for free.” FREE? Seriously, this friend does this for a living, why would I not pay her? I want the level of work that she does for paying clients, but why would she put in that effort if I didn’t plan on paying her? She wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t expect her to.

All this to say, I think you should pay your friends, family, whoever for service based work. Sure, maybe you can give them friends + family discount if you’d like, but I wouldn’t discount it point where it’s not an investment for them and/or not worth your time. If people get offended, simply explain to them that if they want the level of work that you do for paying clients, it’s going to take you a lot of time. Hopefully they will realize that your time is valuable and if you’re good at what you do, they will still be willing to pay. If not, then their loss.

I’d love to hear other thoughts/opinions on this!



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