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First of all, how baller is this hotel? Love staying at Arlo when I visit!
Since NYC is an easy train ride away, I go there frequently for mini getaways. I love how many healthy/Paleo places are in this city. It’s amazing. Seriously, why can’t everywhere be as health conscious as NYC?!  I even ate a Michelin star restaurant and was able to stick to eating Paleo. Here are some of the places I like to eat and what I ordered.

Hu Kitchen


Hu kitchen is an all Paleo restaurant and it’s delicious! You can definitely go there and eat Whole30 without asking ANY questions. They have their entire list of ingredients on the board you order off of. Seriously, love. I’ve been there twice and I really don’t think you can go wrong with the food. I’ve taken people who don’t eat healthy here and they they love it as well.


I ordered the chicken with roasted garlic, sweet potatoes, and some veggie hash.

Last time I was there, I bought ALLLL the snacks. My favorite is the Crack Bar. If you’re looking for the real deal, GET THE CRACK BAR. It’s amazing. You need it.  The paleo brownies were meh. If I HAD to choose one to get again, I’d get the Blondie. The bar for blondies has been set high with Picnik’s  Blondie, which is the greatest paleo brownie ever created. Make that any brownie ever created. Period.  The chocolate chip cookies were pretty good as well, probably not something I’d get again though. I try not to eat desserts so if I’m going to eat something sweet, it better change my life.

The coffee bar is pretty awesome as well (when I was drinking coffee). I tried both the almond milk latte and coconut milk latte, both were decent and they offer decaf, which is nice. They make their almond milk in house which is pretty sweet! I also had a sip of the grass-fed butter coffee and do not recommend it unless you REALLY like butter. It was a little too much for me. Did I mention how good the Crack Bar was?



Ah, this place is so dang cute. It has a small, but amazingly tasty menu. The whole menu is paleo friendly. They also have a long list of bone broth. I tried the traditional bone broth as well as the liquid gold. Liquid Gold is a mix of coconut milk, spices and bone broth. If I could have this bone broth and a Crack Bar everyday for the rest of my life that’d be greatttt.


The food is delicious, I’ve tried just about everything on the menu. Last time I was there I ordered the burger, which had a ton of flavor… and a Paleo bun. Also, carrot fries!

The Vanilla Chia pudding was also bomb and not overly sweet, which I like.

The Little Beet


I went to The Little Beet last time I was in NYC a year or so ago, but it was completely different than what I had this time. Apparently, there is “The Little Beet Table” and then “The Little Beet”. The Little Beet Table is a sit down restaurant, while “The Little Beet” is more of a grab and go (there are tables, but everything comes in to-go containers).

Anyway, this place was great. They are completely gluten free so you don’t have to ask about gluten, yay! They do use soy and dairy, but it wasn’t super hard to avoid it. The Salmon usually comes in a soy-based sauce, but they were able to make it for me without the soy. The sweet potatoes usually come with cheese so you have to ask for those without cheese as well… but they were super accommodating! The butternut squash soup was super tasty.


They had a book with ingredients in all of their sauces/marinades so if in doubt about something; they are more than willing to answer questions!

ZZ’s Clam Bar


This Michelin star restaurant was so cozy. It’s an extremely small place, maybe 6 tables. It serves exclusively raw fish so it wasn’t any trouble to avoid dairy, gluten and soy. It was really dark, intimate setting so I didn’t get any pictures, you’ll have to use your imagination.

I started with a half of a dozen oysters, which were… oysters.  Good, but nothing special.  I also tried the lobster ceviche, seared snapper, tuna carpaccio, and kampachi tartare. Everything was wonderful, but the tuna carpaccio was the most memorable. If I were to go back I’d eat before, get a couple cocktails, the tuna carpaccio and call it a day since it’s pretty pricey. The cocktails were 100% worth it though. SO good. The vibe of this place is super cool too. The perfect date night spot.

Dig Inn


I’ve only been here once, discovered it on my last trip there in a rush to get lunch before a Broadway show. Loved everything about it. The ingredients are seasonal, so fresh, and it’s easy to know what you’re getting in your food. Would be very convenient to grab a Whole30 meal here as well. They have seating if you want to stay and eat, but they make it simple to grab and go.

For other Paleo/Whole30 quick options they also have Chipotle  and Sweetgreen. See my DC Whole30 Quick Eats post for what to order at those places if you’re doing Whole30!

XO, Kate


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