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A few updates before I get into my post! Life has been crazy lately. Even in the lows of the past months, God has been so so faithful and constantly reminding me that I have to lean on him during the turbulent times, but also not forget about Him in the good times (like now, OMGOSH so many exciting things happening!)

I’ve been opening up more about my struggle with anxiety and have loved connecting with others on the topic. Over the last few months, I’ve healed so much and I am going to start sharing my  healing journey on here and my Instagram.  Hopefully you’ll find these helpful if you’re struggling with anxiety as well.

My friend Dana from Real Food With Dana and I are embarking on a 60 day no alcohol, no coffee journey post Paleo f(x) this weekend. So excited to share with you the results of that and how coffee and alcohol has affected us individually. We will each be doing a blog round up and probably a podcast on her podcast, Real Talk With Dana!

So now onto what this blog post is actually about…

Over the last few months, I’ve tried some different meal kit delivery services and wanted to share my thoughts on them! All of the meals I received were 100% Whole30 compliant or Whole30 Approved (Blue Apron). They all took me about 30-45 min to prep/cook and were about the same amount of difficulty (which was too much because I hate cooking, but I digress).

Let’s talk about portion sizes for a second. It says “serves 2” on all of the recipes. Yes, it serves me, a semi-active 120 lb female 2 meals, but Blue Apron and Sun Basket would  definitely not feed me and my non-existent boyfriend. I would say it’s more around 1 1/2 servings for someone who is used to a good amount of protein. Green Chef on the other hand had pretty big portion sizes and could probably feed a couple.

Blue Apron


Price for first box:  $21.95    Price per servings before discount: 8.99/serving

Pros: Budget friendly, Whole30 Approved, you can choose your meals (although there are only a couple of Whole30 options per week right now).

Cons: Veggies are not organic, meat is not pasture raised/grass fed and the taste was not my jam.

Would I order again: No.


From Blue Apron, I ordered 2 Whole30 Approved meals. Let me tell ya, I was super excited that a meal delivery service was finally Whole30 Approved. I was surprised it was Blue Apron because I wasn’t a fan when I tried it before, but I decided to give it another shot! My first meal was a fish dish that looked pretty, but tasted terrible. Like, super terrible. I ended up eating kale and sweet potatoes for dinner because I couldn’t stomach the fish. I’m going to caveat this by saying that I order my fish from Sizzlefish which is the best fish ever, so I have pretty high standards. If you’re not picky, this might do. The kale salad was pretty tasty with the dressing, but you know, protein for dinner is nice too.

The second meal was alright, but I still didn’t feel like the flavors really jived. It was edible and something I wouldn’t mind eating again, but overall, I wasn’t impressed. I know they are new to the Whole30 approved game so maybe the meals will get better over time!

Canceling Blue Apron was pretty simple, you send their customer service team and email and they send you instructions on how to cancel.

Sun Basket

Price for first box:  $21.95             Price per serving before discount: $11.99

Pros: Food is amazing, mostly organic and high quality proteins

Cons: Slightly more expensive

Would I order again: Yes

IMG_9272Alright, I’ve had Sun Basket before and LOVED it, but since I hadn’t tried it during a Whole30, I figured I’d give it a shot. I ordered the Paleo option and everything was good to go for Whole30! The flavors all jived and the meals were pretty simple to make. Like I said above, they all took around 45 min to cook. These meals come in little paper bags so it’s very easy to know what ingredients go with what meal. I I liked this organization system the best out of all the services. I shared these meals with a friend and it was plenty for the 2 of us, slightly bigger than Blue Apron, but a bit smaller than Green Chef! Click here for $35 off your first box! Canceling was very simple, I just had to fill out a short survey.

Green Chef

Price for first box:  $48.94         Price per serving before discount: $14.99

Pros: Food is super tasty, all veggies are organic and all meat is organic, grass-fed. They also care about sustainability.

Cons: Matching ingredients with recipes, it’s expensive (because the ingredients are higher quality, this makes sense)

Would I order again: Yes

I actually don’t have any pictures from Green Chef because I forgot to take pictures 🙂 oops. The meals were super good though! The recipes from Green Chef were a bit more complex than the others, but the portion sizes were much larger. This is the only one out of these boxes I would order for 2 people. I ordered the Paleo meals and they were all compliant. They also have a keto option for your keto peeps out there! The ingredients for each recipe are grouped together by color, but are not put together in a bag/container. I found this to be a little annoying when trying to get my ingredients together, less convenient than Sun basket, but more convenient than Blue Apron. To cancel, you had to call which I don’t love, but it was quick and easy once they were on the phone! Click here for $40 off your first order!

It terms of ease, my favorite is Sunbasket and probably the best one for me since I’m only cooking for myself and the ingredients are good enough. Green Chef was definitely the best in terms of quality of ingredients and Blue Apron… well I think you guys got the gist of how I felt about those meals. 😉

Feel free to reach out with any questions/comments!

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